Born in Oxford, England (October 1993), Ed Tullett is a prolific songwriter and producer for many artists, including - but not limited to - himself.

Ed’s new work includes “Heiress”, a full collaborative album with Welsh alt-folk artist Novo Amor, after their singles "Faux" and "Alps" in 2014 and 2016 respectively. Out November 10th via All Points, Heiress is an ambitious and strikingly deep collection of songs, both meticulously calculated and deeply felt.

Other recent work includes writing and producing for many other artists, including JJ Draper, Oliver Spalding, and Tay Salem, along with ongoing work on new solo material and multiple other collaborative projects.

Having released early material through Equal Vision Records in 2012, Ed released Fiancé, an album by its release already two years old, in 2016 on Monotreme Records. Amongst other remix work, Ed was also featured on the Bon Iver Stems Project Spotify album for his rework of “Hinnom, TX”. More info on Ed’s co-writing and production work can be found at publisher BDi Music.