Rare is an artist as prolific and self-sufficient as Lowswimmer (Ed Tullett), who’s also as adept at meaningful collaboration. In the past decade, he’s served as a primary songwriter, producer and contributor on countless records, spanning five projects. Now, with the release of his first solo music as Lowswimmer, we get direct insight into the sensibilities that drive so much of his creative work.

Written in 2021, in the wake of wrapping another project, the songs on Glasshouse 1 and 2 ripple with an electricity that flows unforced. “If you’d asked me in 2020 if I’d ever release solo stuff again,” Tullett remarks, “I’d have said ‘I can’t see it happening.’” It’s a reminder that the best things come when we aren’t looking for them. Despite himself, Tullett found himself with twenty songs he’d bound himself to produce.

Tullett is unusual in this sense of indebtedness to work—once he gets an idea, he’s compelled to follow through. So, while Glasshouse 1 and 2 are two distinct collections, they’re unified through a sense of temporality, like two opposing sides of the same coin, staring out at the same landscape from different angles. This feels deeply intentional, the records mirroring two facets of an artist grappling with grief— the compulsion to turn it into something beautiful, and the desire to be present with the rawness of what is.

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Seen by its current members as less of an artist/band than a fluid, open-ended project, Hailaker (hay-ull-ache-err)’s principal members and founders are Jemima Coulter and Ed Tullett, who work between Bristol and Cardiff. Portland, Oregon-based artist Mike Roth handles artwork, and Ali Lacey (Novo Amor), amongst others, also contribute.

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Novo Amor is Ali Lacey. He lives in Cardiff, in a house that’s part-home, part-studio, a place where the distant chatter of a party across the street, Bonfire Night fireworks and the seagulls that congregate on the building site next door bleed into his recordings. Ed Tullett has co-written almost all of Novo Amor’s material since mid-2014, and continues to arrange and tour with the live band.

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Tolari is Ed Tullett and Auryn Waring (Shinamo Moki), friends since school, artists in their own right. Unable to meet in person, they recorded remotely, Ed in his home studio to the west of Cardiff, Wales; Auryn in an apartment in the Xuhui district of Shanghai, China. The music (to be released via Nettwerk Records) is as much Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy, or Silent Hill as it is Zimmer, Vangelis, or Salisbury & Barrow, delicately weaving game soundtracks and cinematic scores with the threads of Portico Quartet, Holy Other, and ‘Immunity’-era Jon Hopkins. This evocative, propulsive, entirely instrumental tapestry finds strength in its polyphonic, wide-screen diversity.

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Lissom is a collaborative project between French pianist & composer Julien Marchal and British songwriter Ed Tullett. Their self-titled debut record, released in 2018, is a melting-pot of beautiful songs, dark poetic lyrics and instrumental flourishes, a record fit for a quiet, lightless room. The pair are readying a follow-up for a 2021 release.

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Ed Tullett also co-writes and produces for other artists, including Aaron Smith, Oliver Spalding (Memorial), Heka, Jeima Coulter and many others.